Low sugar berries madness parfait 

Inspired by Korean chain Cafe de Paris’ fruit BonBon,  I re-created one that has much less sugar at a much lower cost!


I’ve taken the frozen berries that I bought last time to make the Unicorn Frapp, together with real fresh cream and some strawberries, and one of the my very own secret ingredient, there goes my Berries madness parfait!  Other than berries, you can also use the same method to make Mango madness parfait too!


What you need:
– about 5 fresh strawberries (choose ones that are in similar size)
– 250ml 35% whipping cream
– 2 tbsp of frozen berries
– 1 tsp of sugar
– 2 tbsp of water
– 100ml of Pellegrino (where the secret is!)


What you do:
1. Blend frozen berries and water into smoothie, pour into the cup, add pellegrino
2. Add 1 tsp sugar and whisk whipping cream until stiff peak with a hand mixer or stand mixer, transfer all into a piping bag (using Wilton’s 1M head) and pipe on top of the smoothie
3. Dice 2 strawberries and place on top of the fresh cream, then pipe another layer of cream in swirls like soft serve ice cream
4. Cut the rest of strawberries in halves and place around the cream and garnish with some icing sugar


p.s.  Add honey into smoothie if you favour a sweeter taste!  I chose Pellegrino because it’s a sparkling water yet not as bubbly as tonic water or soda water, it gives a mild tingle to your taste buds but not so overwhelmed by a sudden burp.  Choose the right cup for your desired size, a whiskey glass is ideal for smaller portion.  Replace the top fresh cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you wish!






試過來自韓國的Cafe de Paris的Fruit BonBon之後就嘗試自己做一個低成本低糖的複製品,結果我認為比原裝更健康更好味!利用先前製作獨角獸特飲的雜莓製作果汁base,再添加了一種我個人訂製的秘密成分製作了這個芭菲,除了草莓之外還可以換上芒果,不如大家試試在家自己做!


-250ml 35%鮮奶油
-100ml Pellegrino意大利有氣礦泉水

1. 先將雜莓和水打成果汁,放入杯中燃後加入意大利有氣礦泉水
2. 加入糖然後將鮮奶油打成打發,然後放入唧袋配上Wilton’s 1M唧頭,然後將奶油唧上果汁上
3. 將2粒草莓切成粒,然後舖上奶油上
4. 再於草莓上如軟雪糕般唧多一層奶油,將其餘草莓切半然後圍繞著奶油伴上,最後撒上糖粉裝飾


p.s. 如果想更甜可以於果汁加入蜜糖。我選用Pellegrino因為有氣成分比起梳打水少,既可以刺激味覺但又不至於會讓你打嗝!大家可以隨玻璃杯大小控制份量,如果想製作小杯的話最好選用較小的Whiskey glass。另外,隨個人喜歡頂部鮮奶油可以換上雲呢拿雪糕啊!





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