Seaside honey grapefruit juice

Finally I feel that summer is just around the corner, and wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a natural fruit drink by the water?

Recently fruit juice served in the actual fruit has become more popular in Toronto, and often these drinks can cost you a meal. Making your own will only take you two easy steps with a buck or two.

What you need:
– 1 refrigrated grapefruit
– 2 teaspoons honey

What you do:
1. cut the top of the grapefruit, then use curved grapefruit/citrus knife to remove the flesh while keeping the grapefruit shell in shape.
2. then remove the skin taking the flesh only to the blender, add honey and mix
3. pour the honey grapefruit juice back into shell, attach the top cover with a toothpick and garnish with mint leaves.



– 1個凍西柚
– 2茶匙蜜糖

1. 先將西柚頂部切開,然後利用彎形西柚刀小心去肉,記得要保留西柚殼完整。
2. 將西柚肉去皮去衣然後放入攪拌機內,加入蜜糖攪勻。

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