[travelling] A taste of the sea water tofu in East Korean sea

Tofu is one of the ‘must have’ dishes in traditional Korean gourmet, they are made into cold side dishes, hot soups and it also comes in different kinds of soft and hard textures.


In East sea, also known as Donghae (Dong means East while Hae means sea) area has a special place called Chodang Dubu Village 초당두부마을。


The village just located south of Gyeongpo Beach, famous for a special kind of dubu (tofu) that made with the sea water from the Eastern sea.  The making of this tofu is a little bit different than the ordinary kind, beans are ground and placed inside a cloth bag, add water to make highly concentrated soy milk and bring to a boil.  Then as soon as the tofu is chilled to about 70-80 degrees, sea water from the East coast will be added to cool the tofu down.Salt water from the East Sea is used in the congealing process resulting in a soft and light tofu.


The name of this village, Chodang is originated from the name of a famous family that once lived there known as Chodang-Heoyeop. Heoyeop was the father of son, writer/poet Heo-gyun in the 16 centuries and daughter, also poet Heonan-seolheon.


Apart from the history and food, many kdramas had few filming sets in Gangneung, including She was Pretty and Goblin, also the 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympic games was around the area too!


From Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 206, 207 or 230. (40min-ride)
Get off at Gangneung High School and walk 5 min.

From Gangneung Terminal or Gangneung Station, it takes 15-20 min. by taxi.

This is the quickest and newest way to get to Gangneung from Seoul, only takes you about 2 hours!

photo and info:  Imagine Your Korea