A summer budget date with a bite of crispy and creamy chocolate dip vanilla soft serve 

Soft serve is becoming too popular in the city that we almost have forgotten about the old school flavours we used to love. Matcha, genmaicha, charcoal and ube etc are certainly big hit at the moment but don’t you just miss, or at least have a random craving for the old school chocolate dip vanilla soft serve?
This place has been around since 1969, I couldn’t help but honestly every time I go, I think of Grease. Apart from chocolate, vanilla and twist soft serve they also offer all sorts of old school sundaes and banana split and shakes.  
Chilling outside on the picnic table with a bite of crispy chocolate dip creamy vanilla soft serve, isn’t that the best budget date in the summer?
Expect line ups when you get there! It took me a good 30 min wait this time.
Location is close to Sherway Gardens, address:

630 The Queensway, Toronto


經營48年的懷舊雪糕店Tom’s Dairy Freeze就能夠找得到! 雖然只得三種口味,不過軟雪糕夠滑夠濃,每次去都要大排長龍,這一次還等了差不多半個小時呢!


地點鄰近Sherway Gardens, 地址:

630 The Queensway, Toronto

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