Ube x charcoal creamy ice treats 

I took advantage of the good half hour wait to decide what to pick out of charcoal, ube, matcha and vanilla bean. Finally I have settled with charcoal and ube and I was actually glad to have that wait time to decide! Initially I thought of having a purple and black twist but as I was waiting in line, I noticed that you can actually get any flavours in any combination at the same price!
So to be able to try the two flavours I wanted precisely, I went for charcoal to the bottom and ube on the top, tax included was $6.50. Ube was actually lighter than I thought, the ones I bought from the supermarket actually had a stronger ube taste, while charcoal surprised me with a hidden coconut scent.
This is pretty neat food product with a hip and fashionable design, but beware the ashes from the charcoal will stain all over your lips!  




iHalo Krunch

915 Queen St W, Toronto 

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