2018 Pyeong Chang mascot bring free tickets to Korea in Toronto


This weekend will be the day to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, meanwhile cute mascots of the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic games, Soohorang and Bandabi will be coming to visit and celebrate in the lakeshore area in Toronto!


On the same day, the world renowned giant rubber duck will be floating on Lake Ontario, I wonder if the three animals will get a chance to meet each other?


The best location to meet the giant ducky is said to be around 61 Dockside Dr, and along the same lakeshore, stroll along the westbound and you will find Soohorang and Bandabi on 339 Queens Quay W/Queens Quay W and Rees St area.  They will be meeting everyone starting at noon time until 3:30pm.


The mascots are actually here in town to bring a free ticket to visit Korea, just post your selfie with them on Instagram and hashtag, you’ll get a chance to win the ticket!


For more info, check out here!




據了解最佳觀賞巨鴨為61 Dockside Dr,而在同一條直路就可以一直往西走到另一邊的 HTO Park(339 Queens Quay W/ Queens Quay W and Rees St)附近,時間將於中午開始到下午3:30pm跟冬季奧運會吉祥物見面。

跟冬季奧運會吉祥物拍照後放上Instagram並hashtag 就可以有機會贏取去韓國啊!


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