[cooking] Hong Kong style fresh milk egg tarts

Egg tarts are one of the signature local treats in Hong Kong.  Egg tarts are made in two different kids of shells in general, either cookie shell or puff pastry shell.  I personally prefer the butter cookie shell for its crispiness and here it is to share my way of making this delicious egg tart.


This recipe is inspired by another blogger here, and I’ve modified the ingredients and baking method a little bit.


what you need: (makes about 1 dozen egg tarts in a standard muffin pan)

for shell:
– all purpose flour 225g
– softened unsalted butter 135g (in room temperature)
– sugar 65g
– egg 36g
– pinch of salt

for the egg:
– 2 eggs
– sugar 65g
– hot water 150ml
– homo 3.25% milk 70ml

what you do:
1. Mix unsalted and softened butter with sugar and salt in a stand mixer at low speed, meanwhile slowly add egg in

2. Then gradually add sifted flour in to mix and make a dough, then wrap it with food wrap and freeze for about 20 mins

3.  After the dough hardens, roll it with a rolling pin and cut a circle with a 10cm cookie cutter, then fit in the muffin pan slot to make a cup shaped shell

4. To make the egg filling, first melt the sugar in hot water, then mix egg and milk into the sugar water

5. Slowly pour egg mixture through a sift into the shell.  Bake on upper rack at 385F for 10 mins then leave the door open with a slit and continue to bake for about another 13 mins.


p.s. traditionally egg tarts are made with wavy cut tart shells but using muffin pans will make cleaning and putting it into the oven much easier! And don’t forget to let it cool a bit after baking!