Hong Kong style Chicken pot-hot-pot (惹味濃汁雞煲火鍋)

People in Hong Kong love to improvise, especially on food.  Traditional hot pot comes in a pot of broth with raw ingredients to be cooked at table, and often some people thought the broth was too “monotasted” and came up with this brilliant idea of combining two local dishes into one.


Chicken pot or any kinds of meat cooked in sizzling pots are popular dishes to serve in the winter, they are called “bo jai choi” (煲仔菜).  These pot dishes all comes in strong flavoured seasoning, so the idea of this Chicken pot-hot-pot is to finish the chicken first, and takes the remaining sauce from the pot, add in chicken broth and creates a much richer broth for hotpot with enhanced chicken flavour.


This is actually quite easy to make at home and perfect to serve a small dinner party, but be sure to cook and serve in the clay pots for the traditional taste and to help retaining heat!


The key is to cook at medium heat or lower, with onions and shallot cooking in a lower temperature will create moisture, therefore creates more tasty chicken juice in the pot for the later hot pot broth!


what you need:
– 1 chicken
– Chinese chili bean sauce 1 tbsp
– Low sodium soy sauce 2 tbsp
– Sweet soy glaze  1 tbsp
– Chinese dark soy cause 1 tbsp
– Japanese sake or rice wine 1 tbsp
– Sugar 1 tsp
– 2 Shallot
– 2 stalks of green onions
– 3 cloves of smashed garlic
– Ginger 10g (smashed)
– 2 shiitake mushroom
– some deep fried bean curd tofu
– some winter melon

for sizzling:
– 3 stalks of green onions
– 1 small/medium sweet onion
– 2 cloves of smashed garlic
– Ginger 10g (smashed)
– Japanese sake or rice wine 2 tbsp

for hotpot
– chicken broth, cabbage, beef slices, mushrooms, or any ingredients as you like (remember add noodles like udon or Korean ramen at the end!)

*This is in mild flavour, use the spicy chili bean paste and add chili if you wish to make a hot spicy one!

what to do:
1. Cut whole chicken into pieces, marinate with all the ingredients for about 2 hours

2. Heat the pot in medium high heat, add the sizzling ingredients, and add wine at the end to flavour up

3. As the pot boils, add marinated chicken in and turn down the heat to medium to boil for at least 30 minutes

4. When the chicken is almost 90% cooked, move it to the gas stove, continue to cook and serve at the table.

5. As soon as the chicken is finished, bring chicken broth to a boil on a separate pot at the stove before adding in to avoid extra waiting time.  Add boil chicken broth into the chicken pot and continues with the hot pot ingredients!


p.s.  The bean curd rolls in the picture is called “heung ling” (響鈴), they are simply deep fried bean curd rolls and it’s one of the most traditional local hot pot ingredient in Hong Kong.  Just dip in to the broth for about 3 secs and it’s ready to eat!








- 雞 1隻
- 豆瓣醬 1湯匙 (可選辣或者不辣)
- 低鹽醬油 2湯匙
- 醬油膏 1湯匙
- 老抽 1湯匙
- 日本清酒/米酒1湯匙
- 糖 1茶匙
- 2粒乾蔥/紅蔥頭
- 2條青蔥
- 3粒蒜 (拍扁)
- 10g薑片 (拍扁)
- 2 個鮮冬菇
- 少許紅燒豆腐

- 3條青蔥
- 1個中小型甜洋蔥
- 2粒蒜 (拍扁)
-10g薑片 (拍扁)
- 日本清酒/米酒2湯匙

-響鈴、紹菜、肉片等隨個人喜好 (最後記得加烏冬、出前一丁或者韓國即食麵麵餅!)


1. 將雞切成件,先利用所有醬料材料醃大約2小時
2. 將土鍋於中猛火稍微燒熱,將爆香材料放下,最後加入米酒燒香味道
3. 然後加入已醃好的雞件和於下材料,轉中慢火煮大約30分鐘
4. 當雞件已經大約9成熟就可以將其移開,放在火鍋爐上慢火繼續邊煮邊吃
5. 待雞煲差不多已經吃完的時候,就將雞湯先煮滾菜放入雞煲內就可以節省等待水滾時間,然後就可以繼續下一節的火鍋!


p.s. 洋蔥、紅蔥頭、冬瓜等都會在慢活煮的時候越煲越出水,所以只要慢火煮雞煲就可以確保夠汁煮湯底打邊爐!

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