[cooking] Slow cook Unagi pork slice

Unagi sauce is one of the most popular and kept-at-home Japanese seasoning, let’s see what we can make with this other than grilling the eel.

The unagi sauce is thick and sweet, I’m a fan of these thick soy sauce because I think they go very well with pork and chicken using Asian ways to grill, stew or BBQ.  So here I tried slow cooking or stew the boneless pork shoulder butt to make pork slices.  This is best to pair with rice in a bento box!

What’s worth mentioning is, boneless pork shoulder butt is the best part to make Chinese BBQ pork too!

what you need:
– about 0.8kg boneless pork shoulder butt
– 5 cloves of garlic (minced)
– 1 tsp salt and some ground white pepper
– 1 tbsp sesame oil
– 3 tbsp unagi sauce
– 1 tbsp maple syrup
– 1 cup hot water

what you do:
1. Season the pork with salt and ground white pepper, and let it sit for about 15 mins
2. choose a pan with lid, heat the pan in medium or medium high heat with sesame oil and minced garlic, pan fry all sides of the pork
3. when all sides of the pork turns golden, add unagi sauce and maple syrup and slowly add hot water in
4. when it begins to boil, turn the to low heat and close the lid to let it stew for at least 45 mins
5. turn up to higher heat and let the sauce thickens, check the meat temperature (for pork should have internal temperature reaches 155°F/68°C) and serve

p.s.  using hot water will keep the temperature to help boiling faster