[travelling] Riding on luxurious bus with a budget in Japan

There are many public transportation options to travel between cities and prefectures within Japan, for example riding on the Shinkansen or domestic airlines, but there is always the bus route option you can take and you can spend as little as 1/3 of what the Shinkansen would cost you to go luxury and comfy on the bus!

One of the operating company Willer Express allows you to purchase tickets online through their official website 3 months ahead of time, every details are in English and major credits are accepted.  The company has routes across the country, and the most popular route would be between big cities between Kansai and Kanto, like Osaka to Tokyo.  The bus company offers different time for the routes including night buses, and so when you ride from Osaka to Tokyo for about 8 hours at night would not only allow you to travel with a budget but also save you a night of hotel cost as well.

To accommodate different needs, several types of seats are offered.  Beaute is a single seat with curtains on two sides, an electric outlet, heat leg rest with a roller massage and mirror, and buses equipped with Beaute seats comes in a row of three separated seats to ensure single riders will have no one next to you.  For passengers who are seeking for absolute privacy can choose buses equipped with Cocoon seats, the design of the seat is just like the business class cubicle on the plane.

Ticket prices ranges from $1,800yen to about $10,000yen, depending on routes and seat selections, and the official website provides all of the details.  An average cost of Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo is about $15,000yen and up and while domestic flight is about the same.  And don’t forget you need extra time to travel to the airport, go through security and so on if you decide to fly, and because of such short flying hours there are no red eye flights available within Japan, that said, you will still have to pay for the night of hotel, so why not give it a try?

For more info, check out Willer Express.