[travelling] Where’s the best place to get snack souvenirs in NY?

New York is definitely one of my favourite city to visit, it’s vibrant and diverse, but I’m always disappointed when I try to find souvenirs in the city that I can actually use/eat/share, until I came across Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s is a local chain in the states, most of them are located in the suburban area but if you drive it’s definitely not a problem.  The store is just like any ordinary grocery store but they make their own products, have their own label and sell their own goods that aren’t available at other places!

We as people from Hong Kong love to get local food or snacks for souvenirs, and this place is like a paradise!  The only limitation was we can only get dry goods like chips, cookies, snacks or bottles of sauces and marinates, and there are just so much to choose from at Trader Joe’s.

Compare to other grocery chains, they carry unique in house products like Gojujang (Korean hot pepper sauce) almonds, ice cream mochi, coconut cold brew coffees in bottles, other marinates and soy sauces, also tea bags and many other edible items.  Also they also carry their own body care items like soaps and oils for skin too.

Check out Trader Joe’s next time when you’re in the states and grab a few tasty souvenirs!