[travelling] unveiling the dual voltage 100-240V travel cooker

Every time I shop at grocery stores or meat stores in Asia I honestly wished I have a mini cooker that allows me to cook, so that I can buy the wagyu beef and make myself a shabu shabu in my room.

And recently I’ve found the one on amazon.ca!

This dual voltage travel cooker comes with an aluminum pot, a hot plate, a container with lid, a spork and a bag.  Before using it, you can change the appropriate voltage under the hot plate, and just plug it in!  (you may need a convertor plug too!)

The pot is imported from Japan and initially the estimated arrival date would be more than a month from my purchase date, however the product arrived in just 2 weeks!

The price is fair and I’ve tested it takes about 5 minutes to heat a cup of water, and about 15-20 mins to heat 2.5cups of water if you want to cook a pack of instant noodle.  The hot plate has a safety feature that discontinues the power when the pot is heated at a certain temperature, so you will see the red light goes on and off, and that’s probably also why it takes a rather long time to heat up.  Apart from the heat up time, the weight (about 1.1kg) and size of the pot is light and small enough to travel.  I would definitely recommend this for families with small children, so that you can now sterilize the bottles, make home cooking healthy meals with fresh veggies and noodles at ease!

Take a look at my unboxing video, and check out what’s inside!

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