[eating] Eat spots to check out in Mississauga on your way out from Niagara/Premium Outlet to Toronto!

Mississauga is one of the largest city in Canada and most vibrant and diversify spot in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Mississauga is situated in the west side of Toronto and east of Niagara (about in the middle of both!), and just minutes away from Toronto Pearson Airport, no matter you’re heading to the airport or on your way out from Niagara to Toronto looking for some good eats, definitely check out what’s Mississauga can offer you!

Mississauga has a diversified population, there are numbers of good Asian restaurants especially Korean and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as some fusion spots.  If you’re looking for some Korean soon sofu soup, steam dumplings or kimchi pots with some home made makgeolli, head to the south east of Mississauga, closer to Dundas and Hurontario (also known as Hwy 10) area.

Also there are some good Vietnamese pho in the same hood as well!  As for Chinese food, check out Burnhamthorpe/Crediteview area, you will find Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot and Morals Village Hotpot, as well as wonton noodles and some Hong Kong style congee and stir fry spots like Chi’s Congee and Noodle.  Further east of Central Parkway there is Foodie North that served Northern Chinese food like dumplings and roasted BBQ duck wraps.

If it happens you are a super late diner, check out Tremendous Chinese Restaurant that opens til 4am and Owl of Minerva that operates 24 hours.

Many people who visit Niagara for a day trip would often like to stop by Mississauga for dinner on their way back to Toronto.  The most convenient location to stop by would be the Oakville/Mississauga boarder.  As you exit Winston Churchill Blvd north, there is a big complex with Scaddabush and 3 Brewers, but if you’re looking for some Asian food head further north to Winston Churchill/Dundas and you will find Perfect Kitchen, a Chinese restaurant and Miga, an authentic Korean restaurant with good quality Korean BBQ.  Further east of Dundas there is a small cozy European cafe, The Apricot Tree Cafe that serves nice strudels, and both savory and sweet crepes.

On the other hand, if you’re coming from the Toronto Premium Outlet, check out Imai Japanese restaurant in Georgetown or Union Social Eatery near 401/Erin Mills Parkway.

Check out some of my neat recommendations or just scroll my map underneath it!



Here are some neat recommendations:

Korean eats
~ Myungdong Noodle Shabu Shabu (Great Korean dumplings and homemade kimchi)
~ Man Doo Hyang (Provides traditional Korean floor sittings and makes their own Korean rice wine Makgeolli)

Vietnamese eats
~ I Love Pho (must try their 7 món and pho!)
~ 99 pho (a pho chain with multiple locations in Mississauga)

~ Zorro’s Steakhouse (minutes away from the airport and their Zorro cut is made for the meat eaters!)
~ 17 Steakhouse & Bar (high quality steakhouse, again minutes way from the airport)

~ Prince Teppanyaki (serves good quality teppanyaki dinner and sushi)
~ Sushi Masamune (small cozy good quality sushi restaurant)

Middle Eastern
~ Paramount (very well known chain for Lebanese cuisine in GTA)
~ Bamiyan (cheap but good quality Afghanistan kabob with a big portion!)

~ Bubble Republic Teahouse (try their signature fried porkchop on rice and Magik milktea)
~ Green Grotto (great vibe with varieties of Taiwanese specialty drinks and snack menu!)