[cooking] Low sodium Hong Kong style Borscht in 5 steps

|Hong Kong style Borscht|

Traditional Borscht rooted in Russia and then it was transformed and presented in many ways like goulash and then veggie harvest soup, and in Hong Kong with a mix of east and west we have “Lor sung tong” – Hong Kong style Borscht.

I’ve googled a bit on Borscht and found the traditional authentic way of making is actually just veggies and beets, or beets mainly, whereas goulash is more like a meat stew.  As for Hong Kong style Borscht is really a tomato based beef stew with loads of vegetables.

There are many ways to make Hong Kong style Borscht, but to make a healthy low sodium with all natural ingredients, I’ve decided to incorporate the Russian way together with the Goulash way to enhance the soup with natural meat and veggie flavour and nutrients without having to add much seasoning.  Old school methods would add tomato paste for the colouring, but to make it as natural as possible, I use beet instead.

Beef brisket or oxtail are two very popular meat ingredient used for Hong Kong style Borscht, but I chose beef shank with bone instead, the part that incorporate the pros of the two.  Beef shank with bone comes in thick cut along with bone and bone marrow, which gives appropriate fat, rich meat and bone flavour to the soup stew.

The best is to make the Borscht with a stock pot in order to fit everything in without over flowing!  A 12Qt stock pot is in a good size for normal household use, great for a family of four.

What you need:
– 4 boxes of Campbell’s No Salt Added Beef Broth, 900ml
– 2 carrots (sliced)
– 1 whole garlic
– 500g beets (scrape the skin and slice)
– half lemon (sliced)
– 5 stalks of celery (diced)
– 1.5kg beef shank with bone (no need to cut, keep it in original big piece)
– 1 tomato (cut half)
– 1 onion (cut half)
– 1 potato (diced)
– 600g cabbage (in pieces)
– 1 tsp of salt
– 5 bay leaves

What you do:
1. Wash and prepare all vegetables
2. Blanch the beef shank in a separate pot
3. Sweat the garlic, carrots, onions and celery and then pour in beef stock and add the blanched beef shank
4. Add the rest of the veggies and bay leaves (except lemon) and salt.  When it boils turn it down to medium low heat
5. Boil for about 3 hours and let it sit for a night, add lemon and reboil again for another hour the next day.  (add lemon on the day to be served, otherwise lemon peel will add bitterness to the soup when it heated too long)

p.s.  Boil for at least 2 days in low heat for more aromatic result.  Use organic ingredients as much as you can!





– 4盒900ml 無鹽牛肉湯
– 2條紅蘿蔔 (切粒)
– 1個蒜頭
– 500g 紅菜頭(切片)
– 半個檸檬 (切片)
– 5條西 (切粒)
– 1.5kg 原件無需切的牛展骨(beef shank with bone)
– 1個番茄(切半)
– 1個洋蔥(切半)
– 1個薯仔 (去皮切粒)
– 600g 椰菜 (切片)
– 1茶匙海鹽
– 5片月桂葉

1. 將所有材料洗淨備用
2. 先將牛展骨於另外一個煲用滾水出水
3. 爆香蒜頭、紅蘿蔔、洋蔥、西,然後放入牛肉湯和牛展骨
4. 再放入其餘蔬菜(除檸檬外)和月桂葉。煲滾然後轉中慢火再煲。
5. 大約用中慢火煲3個小時,熄火存過夜然後第二天再放檸檬煲一小時。(記得放檸檬後不宜煲太長時間,因為檸檬皮過分加熱會讓湯變苦)

p.s.  如果想羅宋湯更香更濃最少要用中慢火煲2天。材料方面最好使用有機食材啊!

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