[travelling] Shop smart for cheap JAL/ANA Japanese domestic flight deals

With the rising of cheap Asian flight deals in Toronto, more and more Torontonians are reaching out to Asia, especially to Japan.  Now that there are direct flights from Toronto to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.  I used to travel through Japan with my JR pass, but recently I’ve found great domestic flight deals like 7300 yen for one way offered by JAL and ANA during low seasons that will actually save you both time and money!

Next question is, why not budget airline?

In the last 10 years, there have been a growing number of budget airline entering the domestic flight market in Japan.  However in order to ensure a low operation cost and selling price, budget airlines have introduced additional cost for check in baggage, seat assignment, etc which have cause inconveniences and restrictions to many travelers.

To ensure a stable market share in the industry, traditional airlines like JAL and ANA have introduced super low domestic fare departing during low and shoulder seasons from October to March.

The cheapest fare would be purchasing 75 days before your departure date, then discount decreases along  from 55/45/28/21 days before your departure.  That said, the first batch of cheapest fare had been on sale 75 days before any October departure dates, and that means this super discount have actually begun as early as in August!  The trick is plan your trip ahead of time and purchase your ticket as soon as possible!

For instance, purchasing a ticket now that departs from Okinawa to Kansai flying with ANA in March is only 7500yen.  The only downside is departure time may be very early or in the middle of the day, but if you can plan ahead of time it will certainly fit your itinerary!


You can actually order it directly on their own official website, select your seat right a way and you’re also given a 20kg baggage allowance to check in too!  The beauty of this is, you don’t have to pay right a way and cancellations can be done at no charge within a given time frame.  That said, compare to ordering at a third party site you can certainly avoid any service charge and actually have more protection, too.

Most importantly, they also have a lower risk of flight cancellations and delays than budget airlines.

On the other hand, JAL and ANA offer more domestic routes than any budget airlines, you can choose to depart from either Haneda or Narita to many different local cities, and that makes a huge difference to international travelers because it hoenestly really depends on where their first leg lands.

And don’t forget, JAL and ANA are two major competitors too!  The two airlines are currently introducing the same promotion, so do a price check on both with the same route and see which offers a better time and deal!

For another kind of budget luxury experience, try night buses in Japan!  And don’t forget to bring a portable dual voltage travel cooker to cook anywhere too!