[cooking] Pork ribs with soft cartilage udon soup

Now this is part 2 of the slow cook pork ribs with soft cartilage recipe I shared recently, apart from a dish to pair with rice you can also make this into a delicious udon soup.

First cook your udon with the MSG free soup stock for noodles that I shared earlier, and place the udon in the bowl, leave the soup for later soup.

Then add a few pork ribs with soft cartilage on top of the udon along with some onions, and add about 3 small ladles of sauce, then pour the dashi soup over them and serve!

You can store the slow cook pork ribs with soft cartilage into a few small packages with your foodsaver in the freezer, and there you have some delicious emergency food ready!

Feel free to add any shredded green onions or anything to garnish!
















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