[cooking] Ginger fried rice that warms you up in the winter

Ginger is one of the best natural remedy to help warming your cold body in the winter, you can either take a ginger foot bath or drink ginger tea, or enjoy a ginger fried rice.

To a lot of people, even some Asians, ginger has an overwhelming strong taste that you just can’t swallow that down your throat, but try handling ginger in a different way.  Most Asians don’t actually eat or swallow a whole piece of ginger, we often slice it to stir fry with veggies or for soup stew and that’s really for the fragrance and flavour, it’s never meant to be swallowed!

In order to make ginger easy for swallowing while keeping the good taste of it, I would first julienned them and fine dice it, or Brunoise.  Note that this is not minced, minced would be too mushy and wet when you want to make a ginger fried rice.  Brunoise ginger is an excellent fried rice ingredients, it blends well and offers a “heated flavour” to the rice.  You can certainly make a vegetarian fried rice with ginger along with other veggies, or add diced meat like what I did here.

What you need:
– leftvover rice from the fridge or semi raw fresh rice  (check out Fried Rice 101)
– Diced raw chicken breasts
– Brunoise zucchini (remove the seeds)
– Brunoise ginger
– Oil
– salt
– egg

What you do:
1. Prepare all ingredients, marinate chicken breast with some salt and oil
2. Heat the wok in high heat, when it’s well heated pour oil in (use 1tbsp of oil per 1 bowl of rice), then add ginger
3. Add loosen rice in and fry a bit, then add egg on top of the rice and scramble all together
4. When the egg is almost well cooked and blended with the rice (when it looks dryer), add chicken and keep frying with a spatula to let air in.
5. When the chicken is almost cooked, add zucchini bits and salt to season.

p.s. The portions of the ingredients depends on how much rice you want to make, so feel free to adjust your own portions!  For reference, I would use 1 tbsp of zucchini bits and ginger bits along with 1 tbsp of diced chicken breast for 1 bowl of cooked rice.