[travelling] Where to get a good Asian treat near Port Authority in NYC?

If you’re catching a bus or walking nearby the Port Authority in NYC, you’ve got to check this place out.

Just about 12 minutes walking distance away from Port Authority, Bibble & Sip is a small Asian inspired cafe that serves urban Japanese sweet treats like parfaits and cream puffs, they also have a variety of cakes and coffee.

They specialize in tea flavoured treats like Earl Grey and matcha cream puff, despite they may not provide the most comfortable seating, you can certainly just grab and go with your desired cream puff.

Bibble & Sip

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 4.45.10 pm


打算乘坐巴士到紐約市中心逛逛的一定要抓緊時間去搜尋美食。近年於北美包括多倫多以及紐約都有更多日本或者亞洲style的甜點spot,其中一間鄰近Port Authority,只是大約需要步行12分鐘距離就到達的Bibble & Sip就有特製茶香味道的日式泡芙和芭菲,包括Earl Grey和抹茶口味,兩者都值得一試。

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