[making] Grocery experience with the new Walmart Scan & Go

Walmart Canada has recently introduced a new convenient way of shopping.  No matter it’s grocery or household items or anything at Walmart, you can just simply grab a scanner yourself and scan the merchandise as you shop and self check out in minutes.


So here is a little experience to share with everyone.


The scanner are located right across the main entrance, you will definitely see it as you walk into the store, they are all neatly laid out on a rack, and there just grab one and start scanning your items.


I began with the fresh produce section, all packaged fruits and veggies with stickers that has a barcode can be easily scanned.  For those that are charged by weight, you can simply bring it over to the scale located in the middle of the produce section, weigh and price the veggies and fruits and print out the label to scan.


At the end of your shopping, just take the “gun” and scan at the self check out and pay, that’s it!  There are always one or two staffs stationed to ensure smooth check out for the customers, this new feature has definitely improved the fuss you get from the old – scan every item but you could just never scan properly yourself – system at the check out.  So this is definitely a pretty cool and convenient new feature that’ll shorten line ups at Walmart.




加拿大Walmart最近引入最新Scan & Go自助服務,顧客可以從店內自取一個條碼掃描器,然後輕易將任何附有條碼的貨品輸入到掃描器內,最後到店內的自助結賬系統輸入掃描器內所購買的貨品資料後付款。這項新服務有效加快顧客等候結賬等候時間,而且讓顧客更容易操作自助系統。






基本上整個購物過程非常流暢,自助結賬系統電腦有職員守候,如果有什麼問題還可以立刻提供協助。這個新feature對於喜歡自助購物的顧客來說是個蠻不錯的新體驗,相比起以前到自助結賬系統要逐件貨品掃,這個Scan & Go新服務可以更節省顧客購物和結賬時間,大大縮短人龍,並且有效改善顧客自助購物和結賬體驗。

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