[cooking] Boneless Hainanese chicken with fragrance rice

There are actually several different styles of Hainanese chicken, including Thai, Hong Kong and my most favourite Singaporean style.


The chicken itself is pretty much the same, in terms of taste and making, but the only difference is the dipping sauce.  Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice comes with three dipping sauce – dark thick sweet soy sauce, chili vinegar dip and minced ginger dip; whereas Thai and Hong Kong style may only come with one or two dipping sauce.  Traditional Singaporean Hainanese chicken uses just plain white chicken, however it would always be easier and more presentable to debone free run chicken.


So here I improvised a little bit and made up my own way of making this chicken, the only thing I’m still trying to work on is the dark thick sweet soy sauce.  I’ll share my method of making anyways and update again when I have perfected the soy sauce dip!


What you need:
– 1 free run chicken (average size)
– 1.5 stalk of big leeks (clean thoroughly and cut into pieces)
– 3 cartons of no salt added chicken stock (each carton about 900ml)
– 3 big shallots (cut)
– Half garlic (peeled)
– 40g ginger (20g sliced/20g grated for ginger dip)
– 2 stalks of lemon grass (cut into pieces)
– 2 tsp of sea salt
– plenty of ice
for chili dip
– 2 hot chili
– 1 tbsp of white vinegar
– 1 tsp of sugar
for soy sauce dip
– 3 tbsp of Chinese dark soy sauce
– 20g rock sugar
– 3 tbsp of water

What you do:
1. Clean and prepare the chicken and all veggies.  Sweat big leeks, shallots, garlic, ginger slices and lemon grass and pour chicken stock and bring to a boil.
2. Submerge chicken into the stock, make sure the stock fully covers the entire chicken and boil for about 10 minutes with lid on, then turn off the heat and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
3. Check the temperature of the chicken to see if it’s fully cooked, then take the chicken out and chill it in an ice bath inside a big mixing bowl until it gets fully cooled, and place it inside a ziplog back to store in the fridge for a few hours.  These two procedures will create a more chewable meat texture and retains the juice inside and between the skin and meat.
4. Use scissors to cut the chicken in halves, then cut the thighs and legs, and then the wings.  Start deboning from the breast and slowly work to the thighs and wings, continue with the same procedure on the other half of the chicken.  (maybe I should do a deboning video?)
5. Chop the chili and add vinegar and sugar; prepare the grated ginger; and boils down the rock sugar with water and add dark soy sauce in the end.


For the fragrance rice:
– 1.5 stalk of big leeks (cut into pieces)
– 10g of sliced ginger
– half garlic (peeled)
– 2 shallots (cut)
– 1 lemon grass (cut into pieces)
– cooked chicken stock (use this after cooking your chicken)

Take the veggies above to place on top of the rice and pour the cooked chicken stock to cook your rice instead of using water, the portion of liquid remains the same.  For example, if you use 1 cup of water then you will use 1 cup of chicken stock for the same amount of rice.


p.s.  Serve with cucumber slices, chicken stock and your dips along with the delicious boneless Hainanese chicken!


*** I’m really trying my best to update as frequent as I can, and I definitely wish to reach as much audience as possible, but seems like doing Chinese and English is really doubling up the time right now… will anyone be disappointed if I just keep my posts in English?  Tell me your thoughts please!




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