[travelling] Tips to buy tickets to Mitaka Ghibli Museum in Tokyo from overseas

Every fan of Hayao Miyazaki would know that the The Studio Ghibli theme park has already been scheduled to open in the Aichi Perfecture EXPO park in 2020.

But before that comes, be sure to visit the cozy Ghibli Museum in Tokyo first.

In order to guarantee every guest would have the time and space to enjoy the artwork and exhibit, the museum has restricted daily ticket sales and entry at 4 selected time slots.  Back in the times when internet wasn’t so convenient, all tickets were sold within Japan or if you’re a tourist outside of the country, you would have to visit designated JTB offices to purchase.  Although this is an “in person” option which may be inconvenient to many people, yet this is the only way to purchase the museum’s ticket 3 months in advance.

If you prefer a more mobile way to purchase the tickets, you can visit the Lawson site here, but the only drawback is the site only opens for ticket purchase every 10th of the month for the following month’s visit.  That said, on January 10th at 10am (JST) you can purchase your tickets for the month of February.  Just remember to get online in time!  I was late 2 hours and close to 90% of the time slots were sold out, I was only able to purchase the 4pm slot only.  There are also tickets sold at Lawson’s Loppi machine at different Lawson locations, but that would be a super last minute alternative because you can only do that in person when you get to Japan!

This is very important that you will need to input the correct passport number when you purchase because the museum staff would check every ticket with your passport at the gate.

3 things to remember on the day of your visit:
– bring your passport
– bring your eticket print out
– arrive 45 minutes before your designated entry time (that’s when the line up begins and the museum staff would start checking the tickets and allow visitors to enter about 30 mins prior the designated time)

*** super important to note that, NO TICKETS are sold at the museum, so definitely plan ahead if you want to visit!

p.s. no photos are allowed inside the musuem… >.<