[travelling] 6 tips on how to pack lite in style when you travel

Many airlines, not only budget airlines have tightened their check-in baggage allowance and makes it so much more difficult for us to pack, now here are some tips on how to pack lite but in style when you travel!

Packing lite doesn’t mean you have to travel like a backpacker, you can still pack what you need and what you want.  I used to buy a lot of travel magazines and books to research for my trip, but instead of bring a dictionary thick Lonely Planet I would rather bring a laptop of a tablet instead.  I would either purchase the e-book or simply just go to forums and blogs to check out what’s new about the place where I’ll be visiting.

This is the time to make use of samples and trial sizes of your skincare and body care products, if not just pack the most basic skincare essentials like cleanser and moisturizer if you’re worried about skin reaction and allergies.  Other things just buy what you need from the local drug store or convenience store when you arrive, or simply just use what’s there at the hotel.

I have heard many stories about towels at the hotel, so I stress to bring my own.  Instead of bringing the big soft bath towel at home, I bought a light weighted quick dry travel towel.

Next is to choose a pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers, a pair of white plain Converse or Adidas is all you need.  Keep in mind that sneakers and shoes are very space consuming and I wouldn’t recommend to wear sandals or slippers or flip flops on your trip, because they are really bad for your feet and back!

You can skip bring extra pairs of shoes or pants but you can’t skip bring any less underwear!  When I visit Hong Kong or other Asian cities, I would stock up some disposable underwear for my future getaways, and they are economical and clean!  Sometimes I would do some of my laundry at the hotel but I will never wash any underwear in the public washers.

The last but most important thing is to bring a few compression bags for travelling that don’t require a vacuum to seal.  These bags are best for any newly shopped clothes or dirty laundry, extra space saving and makes packing on your way back home a lot easier!