[making] Jaw dropping experience with the pick up service at Walmart

Walmart had introduced walls of yellow lockers earlier on for online shopping pick up in store service, I thought everything was going well and smooth and recently had just found out the lockers had become history.


The pick up in store service is still available when you do online shopping at Walmart, however be prepared that this ultimate experience will feel like air dropping you down from the time travelling tunnel back to the 90s.


So these all started out when you just can’t shop more than $50 online and want to save the shipping cost, and decided to ship to the store and have yourself pick up instead to enjoy the free delivery charge.  (note:  but you still need to buy at least $25 to avoid the handling fee!)


Everything worked fine from dropping the goods into your shopping cart and checking out with your credit card, and you will receive an email instantly from Walmart confirming your order and will not charge your credit card until the goods have been shipped out.  The following steps worked exactly the same just like how you normally shop online, but problem comes when you try to pick up your purchase from any of your selected stores.


Instead of going to Customer Service and identify yourself with the order number, pick up from there and sign off, Walmart has decided to stood up a sign with a number and ask the customer to call with their own cell phone for pick ups.  When the staff picked up, customer would provide purchase related information (of course!) , along with that the staff would asked for the customer’s location and have them wait until they come out with the goods.


Consider staff and customer have never met, customers have to keep checking out every staff that comes out with a parcel, this honestly felt like meeting your buddy met in the chatroom during the 90s.  When the staff came out with the goods they had to call out the customer’s name for them to come forward to claim their purchase.


The entire process took about 30 minutes and much longer than picking up from the post office or UPS.  It’s hard to believe it’s already 2018 and you actually have to go through this 1998 style shopping experience.