[travelling] Travel in style! An alternative to Lonely Planet and Fodor

Travelling is not just about flying to another country, rather an exploration of a new lifestyle.

I found that there aren’t many English travel books out there, unlike in the Hong Kong book market, you will find varieties of new travel books release almost every month in the year.  As for the English printed books, the most familiar and popular would probably be Lonely Planet and Fodor.

I find that Lonely Planet is honestly too general, they do come in dictionary thick sizes but they are not much focus on individual cities of the country.  And as for the target audience, it’s more like for the backpackers or budget travellers.  On the other hand, I used to help edit the shopping section of a Fodor’s Hong Kong guide years ago, they do carry similar layout with LP, but more in on the luxury side.

Now that most Asians actually spend more time on reading travel blogs and vlogs to research for their trips and travel books will honestly be soon forgotten.  Certainly the advantage of blogs and vlogs are you can update any minute and definitely it is more accurately informative than travel books for sure, but there are also limitations too.  Reading different travel books will get you to learn the style and culture of the city you wish to visit in depth.

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Travelling is indeed a personal style, it’s crucial to take reference of the proper recommendations to fit your own travel taste, style and preference.  I like a taste of everything, from Michelin recommendation to budget overnight bus rides, and in a cultural style.


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I was exposed to Monocle years ago and is still very impressed with their media development with global affairs, culture and design.  They have come hand in hand to cross over with various travelling brands like Porter and Rimowa, and I’ve just found out that actually have a series of travel books, too!

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I’m particularly impressed by the Kyoto and Hong Kong edition, and I honestly like it how they’ve published these travel books by cities not countries.  Each book is about $20 CAD and you can get it online at Indigo!  I think I’m gonna grab a Toronto one to have a look first!


photo credits:  Monocle