[eating] How is The Cheesecake Factory doing after its 3rd month in Toronto?

Every Canadian were thrilled to hear that The Cheesecake Factory were coming to town, and we no longer need to cross the boarder just for a piece of cheesecake.


The Cheesecake Factory opened its first Canadian location in Yorkdale Shopping Centre last November and proved that Torontonians had much more patience than I would have ever imagined.  The line ups were minimum 3 hours, though you can grab your pager and walk around the mall in the meantime, but sounds like it would have taken less time if I just drive to Buffalo for the closest US location instead.


So I waited until now in January, about three months later after its opening and see if things have gotten better.  I knew weekends would be impossible so I’m trying on a quiet Tuesday.  We arrived around 5pm and we were told the waiting time would mostly be approximately an hour, which I thought it’s fair and not so bad.  We grabbed our pager and walked around and returned in about 45 minutes to check the status.


As I walked up to the hostess and asked how were we doing in line, the hostess (who signed me in) looked at me in shock and realized there were two “Twin pagers” with the same number!  She thought I forgot to grab my pager after I signed in and left it on the table, and she was so close to cancel my name but she said she had faith in me that I was still around somewhere and would return in time.


So we were actually very close to have waited 60 minutes for nothing.


As soon as she realized the situation, I was told that I’ll be arranged for a table in 5 minutes.  As we sat down we didn’t take long to decide what to order, but the food took a long while to arrive.  After we were almost stuffed with two baskets of bread, our appetizer finally arrived, and as we were looking forward to our entree coming right after, it took probably another 20-30minutes.


When we were suppressing ourselves so hard not to order the third basket of bread to just keep our appetite going, our entree finally arrived.  To be honest, every dish portion is generously big, I particularly like my Wellness Salad, I felt like they put two bouquets for Kale in there!  And that’s why I’ve always order salad when I visit the CCF because I can never finish any of the other dishes.


We’ve been looking forward to this visit for a while, but my mom was thrown off with her cold pasta.  We definitely wanted to voice out but had trouble locating our server and finally we just had to grab whoever pass by to let them know we were given a dish of cold pasta after a forever wait.


Now here’s the surprise.  As we saw the serve carrying our pasta swimming around the floor, not sure exactly where or what she should do with this plate of cold pasta, a manager looking manager came with a completely different plate of pasta and told us “I’m sorry, we brought you the wrong pasta, now here, this is the right one that you’ve ordered.”  We ordered a spaghettini in white sauce with shrimp (I forgot what’s the fancy name they gave) and apparently the mistaken dish was also came in the same ingredients.


Apart from the generous portion, service and quality of the food is honestly yet to improve.  If you’re planning to visit, I would suggest to wait for at least a few more months for the management, service team and kitchen to settle down with the still overwhelming visit everyday.




一直期待已久的The Cheesecake Factory終於在多倫多開業,以為從此就不再需過境到Buffalo,怎料等候時間可能比駕車更長呢!


餐廳於2017年11月Yorkdale Shopping Centre開業,聽說剛剛開始等候時間還要3小時以上,所以我就一直等,直到現在3個月過後再看看情況有沒有改善。週末的話還是不用說,所以還是在一個平靜的星期二到訪,跟hostess打卡後了解等候時間大約為1小時,然後就拿著那個pager出外逛逛。大約45分鍾過後還是回去看看情況如何,走到hostess前問一下,就被她的驚訝樣子差點兒嚇倒了。她驚見我的pager然後告訴我,竟然鬧雙胞了!原本給我的pager我拿走了之後就有一個相同號碼的放在檯面上,hostess小姐就以為我忘記了帶走然後差點兒就把我的打卡取消。幸好了解情況之後就在5分鐘內安排座位給我們了。


我們都在等候時間看過menu,點菜時間沒多久不過等菜時間就差不多用了45分鐘。吃過了2藍麵包之後,頭盤終於端上,以為主菜們都可以一氣呵成接著來的時候,結果還是要多等20分鐘。因為餐廳內的燈光問題,加上無無聊聊的坐了差不多一個小時,開始昏昏入睡之際,主菜們終於來了。The Cheesecake Factory這麼受歡迎還是因為每道主菜份量十足,尤其是我的Wellness Salad,老實說,每次我到這裏都一定只會點salad,因為其他的都一定吃不完!


正當大家看見自己的主菜都非常滿足之時,我媽媽點的pasta竟然是冷的………. 然後下一步就是找不到我們的server,最後隨便跟一個說明情況之後就有一位疑似經理的人端上另一份完全不一樣的pasta給我們,「我們搞錯了,那不是你們點的,這個才是咧!」(其實兩分都是白汁+蝦的pasta,加上還在這個昏暗的Cheesecake Factory裏面,第一次點的話根本看不出分別來啊!)






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