[eating] Pay foodcourt prices and enjoy restaurant services at these two eateries in Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is one of the most luxurious shopping mall in Canada.  Recently the mall has been updated with various high end stores, even including eatery, like Ladurée.

Most of the restaurants in the mall seems to be priced high, and before you squished yourself into the foodcourt, here are two reasonably priced and comfortably seated restaurants I’ve found inside the mall.

The first one is The Pickle Barrel, a long time chain in Toronto and thankfully it didn’t get washed out from the revamp the mall had earlier (when they probably want to kick out the cheaper chains and implement more high end franchise?) .  Its located right next to The Cheesecake Factory, but most importantly is you don’t need to wait 3 hours for a table.  The restaurant offers a list of full day breakfast and many choices on brunch items that serves until 4pm of the day, also a full menu of pasta, steak, salads and healthy poke bowls that ranges from around $10-25.  Sandwiches sets comes with a choice of salad or soup and it’s only about $12-15, which is very close to what you can get at the foodcourt.  The feature picture is the Club sandwich that cost only about $13.

Another one that I would recommend is Bazille, a bistro inside Nordstrom on the second floor.   The bistro is located at the back of the store on the second floor, and you can sit by the booths right next to the window for some sun.  The restaurant offers a list of salads, sandwiches and homemade pizza, ranges from $12-22.  You can also make reservations online through here.

The Cheesecake Factory do offer good prices and portion, however the wait is insane!  Sometimes visiting the mall on weekends will probably drive you crazy, so escape to The Pickle Barrel or Bazille for a foodcourt priced lunch with a comfortable restaurant service.

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Menu at Bazille