[cooking] Hand-shredded chicken on rice with garlic bits and Singaporean dark soy sauce

When you want to turn a chicken into a more sophisticated dish, this is what you can do.

Instead of roasting or baking the whole chicken, steam it just like what I did here, and then wait until it cools and hand shred it and put it on a bowl of hot rice!

The making of this hand shredded chicken is very similar to what I did with this, but this one is bit more simple because I wanted to add garlic bits to it for a crunchier taste.

What you need:

– a whole chicken

– some salt

– 3 slices of ginger

– 3 stalks of green onions

– hot rice

– Singaporean dark soy sauce

– 5 or more cloves of garlic (base on your preference)

– some sesame oil

– grounded white pepper

What you do:

1. Marinate the chicken with salt and stuff ginger slices and green onions stalks inside and steam at high heat until it boils, then turn it down to medium heat to steam for about 20-25 mins, depending on the size of the chicken and turn off the heat to let it sit for about 10 mins.  (note:  always check the temperature of the chicken)

2. Cool the chicken and let it cool before hand shredding it (you can always prepare this ahead of time like the night before)

3. Chop and dice garlic into small pieces and then heat the pan with a good amount of oil, and fry the garlic until it turns golden yellow. (Just be careful and control the heat attentively, try to fry the garlic at medium heat to avoid burning.  They burn real fast!)

4. Place garlic bits on a paper towel to absorb a bit of oil.

5. Place cold hand-shredded chicken on a bowl of hot rice, and place garlic bits on top, and sprinkle some grounded pepper and drizzle dark soy sauce and sesame oil on top.

p.s. Singaporean dark soy sauce is extra thick in texture, and it’s always recommended to serve this kind of “mixed rice” with thicker sauce for better taste.


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