[travelling] A stroll down Gangneung Coffee Street

It was such a hassle to go to the East Sea before the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.  Taking the bus from Seoul was the only way that can get you to most of the cities along the East coast of the country.

But now, with the KTX taking you directly from Seoul to Gangneung, you can get to the East Sea from Seoul within just 2 hours on a comfy train ride!

Gangneung is probably the biggest city and most developed along the East Coast in South Korea.  During the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic games, all the hockey, curling and skating games were held in Gangneung.

I was volunteering for the Paralympic game and was allocated to stay in Sokcho, the Red Crab city!  I took the opportunity to visit Gangneung, just about an hour away from Sokcho during my day off with other volunteers to check out the beaches and the coffee street.

We took the long way walking from Gyeongpodae beach to Anmok beach, and that took us about almost 2 hours!  But it was because of such a long walk, we didn’t miss any bits of the beautiful beaches.

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As we arrived Anmok beach, there are numbers of coffee shops along the beach and we decided to visit Bossa Nova.  I’ve read a number of good reviews about this place and particularly, I wanted to enjoy my hand drip coffee on their roof top cabana, looking out the East Sea.

Despite the cold in March, it was such a soothing, relaxing afternoon enjoying the cloudless blue sky at the East Sea with my coffee and my tiramisu roll cake.

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