[travelling] My first haircut experience in Seoul

I met Chaewon during my volunteering at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics games (I think I should write some blog posts to talk about this unique experience too!)  and here she brought me to a hair salon in Seoul for my first haircut experience in Korea!

The hair salon is located near Hongdae area, and the cost for a general wash, cut and blow dry is 25,000 won.  The price is definitely fair and worth a try!

Before I went over to the wash station, there was a quick consultation with the hairdresser to discuss your hair type and how would you like to cut, etc.  Thanks to Chaewon for some translation services!

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Korean hair salon provides some hot and cold drinks including coffee and tea, as well as free wifi use.  The most amazing thing is, all prices are tax and tips included!  That means, at th

e end of the service 25,000 won was all I had to pay!

Perhaps due to language barrier, the hairdresser didn’t really introduce herself, and so I never knew her name.  I didn’t change my hair style completely so I thought I couldn’t say she did an amazing job to my hair, I would say she did a pretty good trim.

For anyone who’s curious and have the time to spare, I would definitely recommend to try a haircut experience in Seoul when you visit Korea.  Next time I will definitely try to colour or perm!