[travelling] Red crabs by the East Coast in Sokcho, South Korea

During the months with R are considered “oyster months”, then surely Winter is definitely the seafood season you never want to miss.

During December to March is the harvest time of the crabs along the Northern Hemisphere like regions including Japan, Canada, Korea.  Meaty crabs like the King Crabs, Snow Crabs and a regional specialty along the East Sea in Korea — Red Crabs.

The Red Crabs are probably in the same family with the Snow Crabs, but smaller in size.  Legs are meaty and fresh,

there’s no need to add any seasoning, simple plain steaming is the best way to cook them!

Recently I’ve visited Sokcho, a city right by the East Sea in South Korea, about 3 hours away from Seoul.  Red Crabs are the specialty along the East Sea, so I definitely recommend anyone who’s planning a visit to try!  I actually had 2 meals of Red Crabs, the first one I had was an All-you-can-eat deal that costed 32,000 won per person with only just steam Red Crabs.  The second meal I had was a meal deal with 3 Red Crabs, that comes with some side dishes, two small fried rice served on the crab shell and a crab ramyun; this is a combo for 2 persons and

it was 45,000 won.

The first meal I had was on the Crab Street near the Fish Market, and the second meal was near where the Central Market is in the city centre.  I would recommend the second meal, because the fried rice with “kim” and “crab brain” and the ramyun is something you don’t want to miss!

When you visit Sokcho, don’t forget to drop by the Seorak Mountain National Park for a breath taking hike along the beautiful mountain.

For detailed info about the Crab restaurant, check out Naver here.