[eating] The best aromatic and sweet mangoes in town!

Alright, I haven’t been updating my blog for such a long time but I have been cooking everyday at home, really! (Just I didn’t get to post everything when summer hits)

Recently I was quite addicted to Facebook marketplace and found that other than used items you can actually buy food from there, like the best juiciest aromatic mangoes in town!

These mangoes are imported from Pakistan and they are the very well known Pakistani Chaunsa mangoes.

Other famous mangoes we normally consume here in Toronto are probably mangoes from Mexico, Thailand and Philippines. But Chaunsa mango is nothing to be compared with the above.

I’ve had about ten Chaunsa mangoes so far and honestly everyone of them was aromatically sweetness overload! There was not one single kiss that was sour or tasteless, no wonder it’s known as one of the national fruits in Pakistan.

I haven’t tried Alphonso mango from India (a very famous type of mango) but definitely I would pick Chaunsa over Mexican mangoes for sure! These mangoes harvest every early summer starting from June, and they can be purchased at Pakistani or Indian grocery stores, or stay tuned on Kijiji and Facebook marketplace during that time.

Other than Chaunsa mangoes, Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan are also sweet but a more delicate fragrance than the strong aroma from Chaunsa.