[cooking] Burdock, carrots and ginger bits fried quinoa rice

Recently I have been developing more Asian vegetarian dishes, adding various elements like low carb, paleo, keto, etc and trying to use as much whole foods as possible.


Rice and noodles are certainly two major processed food we eat, and we all know about the bad side of them so here I came up with this from a vegetarian fried rice I made long time ago, using burdock, carrots and ginger bits, but replacing white rice with tri-colour quinoa.


Asians would call this a fried vegetarian rice, but you can also see this as a warm salad.  All portions, weights, or how much ingredients or seasoning depends on how much you like, and I would suggest to limit any seasoning to a minimal for a healthier choice.


What you need:

  • tri-colour quinoa
  • burdock
  • carrot
  • ginger
  • mirin
  • avocado oil
  • sea salt
  • sweet soy sauce
  • soft boil egg


What you do:

1. Cook the quinoa in a pot of water (follow the instruction from the package)
2. Peel the skin off from burdock, carrot and ginger, dice them into tiny bits (tip:  soak all vegetables in the water after dicing them to avoid it turning brown, esp the burdock)
3. Heat the pan with some avocado oil, and sweat the burdock, carrot and ginger (all in medium heat) and sprinkle some salt
4. Add mirin to the vegetables and then put quinoa in
5. Serve with the soft boil egg and garnish it with a bit of sweet soy sauce