[making] List of 0 calories natural sugar substitute

As soon as we all knew how bad sugar is, we all either try to quit sweet or find the best substitute for paleo, low carb diets.


I was definitely born with a sweet tooth, from white sugar I’ve already switched to natural sugar like maple syrup and honey, and now I’m looking into some zero or very low calories natural sugar alcohols that are popular among the Asians to substitute sugar for baking and cooking.


One of the most widely used and popular is Erythritol, it will not affect the blood sugar as well as the insulin level, and there’s also no calories.  There could be some aftertaste and expensive, the sweetness level is about 70% of regular white sugar, so there could also be some conversions to do when you need to substitute for baking.


Another one is Xylitol, more or less is very similar to Erythritol,  and what makes it more convenient is it has a 1:1 ratio sweetness to white sugar, but it will slightly raise the blood sugar level or known as GI, Glycemic Index.  Another downside is it could be poisonous to dogs.


Stevia is very popular at any retail stores in Canada, it comes in powder and liquid form, it’s also zero calories and does not affect the blood sugar level, but there could be a strange aftertaste.  When you shop for powder stevia, watch out for the ingredients list to make sure there are no maltodextrin or dextrose, these two ingredients will raise the GI and make sure you are purchasing pure stevia!


Monk Fruit is a traditional and natural type of herbal sweetener in the Chinese cooking history, many Chinese families add Monk Fruit into the soup for flavours.  Now at many health food stores or online stores, you can find Monk Fruit concentrated syrups and in powder form as well.  But like Stevia, some brands have also added maltodextrin or dextrose so better be careful to check out if it’s pure before you buy!