[cooking] Old Hong Kong homestyle egg pancake with bitter melon

It took me a while to think of a better title, it’s a little bit strange to call this egg pancake, but how else can you describe this thin, round egg sheet fried on a pan without using the word pancake?

This is a very old Hong Kong homestyle way of making fried eggs, it’s one of he most basic and traditional Chinese food yet you don’t always see this on the menu at a Chinese restaurant, because it just takes a bit too much work and time.

One thing to bear in mind is, there are two secrets to get you to make this a nice perfect sheet of pancake:

  1. this recipe is for 30cm pan, adding too much egg for this recipe will make the pancake too thick and impossible to flip! If you want more eggs, you need a bigger pan!
  2. Make sure you have enough oil
  3. And check p.s.!

What you need:

– 3 eggs

– 1/2 bitter melon

– 2 tbsp avocado oil/vegetable oil for frying

– 1 tbsp fish sauce

– 2 tsp maple syrup

What you do:

1. Wash and scrap off all the seeds and the white lining, thinly slice the bitter melon, as thin as possible

2. Whisk the egg and mix the bitter melon slice in, add fish sauce and maple syrup and oil, all mix well together

3. Heat the pan in medium high heat

4. Pour the entire egg mixture in and evenly distribute the eggs and bitter melon on the entire pan

5. Turn down the heat to medium and let it cook until 90% of the entire egg sheet is cooked, then flip the entire sheet to the other side (now you will need some practice to get this flipped perfectly!). Then let it brown the other side a bit and serve.

p.s. the trick to flip perfectly is to make sure the egg sheet is almost well cooked before you even try to flip. Flipping it while you still see eggs running across the pan will definitely fail!

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