[travelling] Low carb ramen in Tokyo for the low carb diets!

I have started on a casual low carb diet since October 2018 and realized it has been quite difficult for most of the Asians — when noodles, rice, buns plays a major role in our every meal — but in order to cater a diversified group of foodies, there are now more alternatives to choose from.

Japanese food culture has come to a revolutionary change the past few years, introducing more fusionized ingredients to their traditional recipes.  For instance, ramen have always been an important part of food culture in Japan, the soup base, noodle thickness and ingredients all represents different parts of the country.  There were 3 types of traditional soup base that most people are familiar with includes Shio (salt), Shoyu (Soy sauce) and Miso, oh, and one more, Tonkatsu (pork).

Oops, and also vegan vegetable ramen too!



However, now we have yuzu based ramen soup that added to the traditional salt, soy sauce and miso base, in addition to that, you can also choose konjac noodle to replace the traditional handcrafted flour base noodles for a lighter calories option.

Recently I’ve just visited Tokyo to one of its most popular ramen spot — Afuri.  Afuri offers yuzu based ramen soup, and most importantly, probably it’s the only place I found that actually offers non-flour made noodles replacement in Tokyo.

Afuri started out in 2001 in Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo, and opened their first location in Ebisu in 2003.  They offer lighter flavoured ramen compare to the traditional rather salty and oily ramen soup, perfect for those who prefer a more refreshing, lighter taste.

Since I’ve been getting used to a low sodium, low carb diet, I chose the lighter flavour option, Yuzu Shio Ramen with a replacement with Konjac noodle (for free too!) and a Yuzu-tsuyu Tsukemen with Konjac noodle for my second visit (yes I encored!)

Afuri is definitely a go-to place either you’re a vegan, vegetarian or low carb.  Apart from the fatty charcoal grilled pork, you can also choose a replacement of slow cooked lean chicken breast as well.


The above is the dip noodles (Tsukemen) that I ordered with Konjac noodles, and it has the perfect texture and thickness to cling with the dipping sauce.



This is the ramen soup I ordered on another visit, it comes with a thinner Konjac noodles, so it goes well with the lighter yuzu shio soup.


How to:

  1. Purchase your desired noodles on the ramen ticket machine (insert bills or coins and no credit cards can be used…)
  2. Look for a spot at the ramen bar
  3. Hand in your ticket to the server and enjoy when the noodle comes!


*you can also purchase a cup noodle version from Afuri as well, check the upper right corner in the ramen ticket machine (but that only comes in the standard floury noodle form)


There are many locations in the city of Tokyo, you can check out their official site Afuri.com




Afuri是今年在日本東京區內非常火紅的拉麵店之一,原因是湯頭清新,除了基本醬油、鹽味和辣味拉麵之外更提供全素拉麵;另外除了湯拉麵,還有沾麵。最重要還有3種麵可以選擇,包括細麵、粗麵和低醣一族喜歡的蒟蒻麵,最最最大重點是 ”無料“麵變更啊!!!