[Tokyo] What else to buy in Tokyo — LED Ceiling Lights!

Whenever I visit Japan, we don’t just shop the ordinary goods like snacks, clothes, anime products, I shop electronics.

When I visited Japan last year, I’ve got a dual voltage Panasonic Nano hair dryer and eye massager, and this time I got something bigger — LED ceiling lights.

While I was shopping for hairdryer last year I’ve noticed there were many Taiwanese tourists bought the LED ceiling lights , well they have to be Taiwanese not Mainlanders because voltage in Taiwan is 110V and Mainland China is 220V and you can’t possibly use an adaptor on ceiling lights.  I mean something so big was never on my vacation shopping list, and we then researched a little bit after when we returned back to Toronto and try to understand why would it be one of the popular items.

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There are several reasons why I decided to get these LED ceiling lights this time when we visit Tokyo:

  1. powered entirely by LED bulbs, no worries about looking for the right bulb when it goes out
  2. you can control the brightness, tone (yellow to white) or even colour in some of the models
  3. everything can be done with a remote control
  4. these LED lights are inexpensive, ranging from 5000yen to 30,000yen
  5. works well with Canadian voltage (Japan is 100V while Canada is 120V, slightly differnet but manageable)
  6. very light weight, smaller ones are about 1.6kg while bigger ones is about 4kg

I’ve always wanted to install a WiFi switch or a remote control to the light to make life easier but often those switches itself can be pricey.  Now that together with the light, it’s definitely a much better deal.

Ok so let me show you which LED ceiling light I’ve got:


Panasonic LED Ceiling light HH-CD0894A [with 8 tatami / quasi-daylight – Light Bulb color / remote control] with remote control Model No: HHCD0894A

Japanese home areas are often measured by “Jo” or numbers of tatami, in the above LED ceiling lights we got that fits for an area with 8 tatami, would be equal to an average bedroom in western-style home.  I’ve bought two of these lights and I installed one in our small living room and the other one in our bedroom.

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One thing to note:
You need to first purchase this Panasonic WG6005W full catch rosette and install on the ceiling light hole as a cover before putting the LED ceiling lights in.


This can be purchased in both BIC Camera and hardware stores like Tokyu Hands.

These two LED ceiling lights weigh about 3.4kg each and they were all in their original boxes checked in as a baggage when I return to Toronto.  It took about an hour or so to install and it’s definitely one of the best purchase I’ve had in Japan.

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What I like about these LED ceiling lights:

    • best solution to North American homes when brightness is always an issue in the rooms
    • a way cheaper and easier lighting solution than pot lights
    • they cannot be found in North America
    • efficient and user friendly
    • convenient with the remote control

~A few tips to keep in mind before purchasing these LED ceiling lights~

  • Research for several models before your trip base on your need and budget
  • Initially I wanted to get a 5000yen smaller model but end up it was out of stock in store, so be prepared to have a few back ups in mind
  • Visit larger electronic stores like BIC Camera in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku for more stock options and more English speaking staffs on duty
  • Don’t forget to bring your passport for TAX Free shopping
  • Paying with certain credit cards like Union Pay may get extra discount (subject to the most updated in store promotion)
  • Please note that these LED ceiling lights are made for Japanese Voltage (100V), and using in Canada, which have a 20V difference in voltage may reduce the hours of use.



上年去東京的時候發現在連鎖電器店BIC Camera有大量遊客購買天花掛燈,不過當時並沒有心理和體力準備購買,最後回到多倫多的時候就做了一些資料搜集,發現很多台灣遊客都會到日本選購天花掛燈。

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  • 全部用LED燈膽,無須擔心耗損
  • 可以隨意利用遙控控制光暗、顏色和開關
  • 價格實惠(5000日圓至30000日圓不等)
  • 適合台灣(110V)和加拿大(120V)電壓使用
  • 非常輕身,重量大約1.6kg-4kg視乎型號



值得注意的是,購買任何天花掛燈都要買一個WG6005W的一個日本燈具專用的引掛配件來安裝,同樣可以在BIC Camera或者 Tokyu Hands買得到。


  • 一直都想購入一個WiFi開關遙控,不過有了這種日本LED天花掛燈之後就可以解決一按即關燈,不再需要跳下床關燈過後再摸黑趴上床。
  • 北美家居一直都有光線不足問題,要不動工安裝pot light解決,有了這些日本天花掛燈就可以更經濟簡單快捷解決光線不足問題
  • 想買的話在北美還沒有售呢!
  • 安裝非常容易

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  1. 出發前最好先做好資料搜集,根據自己的需要和預算選擇幾款,本來小編心儀的款式只是約5000日圓(還打算買3盞呢!)最後竟然售罄了,唯有選擇店內僅有的款式,最後埋單每一盞11,000日圓(打折後還多一倍呢…)
  2. 到訪較大型的分店例如位於池袋或者新宿的電器連鎖店,除了有更多貨源還會有更多能操國語或者英文的售貨員提供服務
  3. 記得帶護照才有免稅購物
  4. 使用某些信用卡例如銀聯可能有更多優惠(視乎當時店內優惠)
  5. 日本天花掛燈利用 LED燈膽,不過因為加拿大電壓為120V比起日本有些少差別,所以都會讓LED燈膽更耗損。比如說在日本使用可用上約40,000小時的話,在加拿大使用就可能要打一些折扣啊!

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