[cooking] Easy chunky turnip caked

Turnip cake is another must-have item like the year cake nin go during Chinese New Year time. It can be served in two ways, steam or pan fry, and they are also available in some of the Chinese restaurant in their all-year-around dim sum menu.

I modified this recipe for a perfect bite size with chunky radish. Feel free to add soy sauce on the steam turnip cake, or dip in oyster sauce and sriracha after pan fry.

This portion fits half way of the loaf pan so as you slice and pan fry it will be the perfect bite size with good chucks of radish.

Traditionally you would shred the radish into fine julienne and it will result a smoother taste after it’s steamed because the radish will be all melted in the heat. I prefer the chunky taste of the radish, so I slice them into thick julienne instead so that I can still taste the chunks of radish after steaming.

what you need: (makes 1 20.3cm x 9.8cm x 6.3cm loaf)
– 250g radish/daikon
– 1 tsp of shallot sauce
– 1 tsp of xo sauce
– 2 tsp rice wine
– 1 tsp sea salt
– 90g rice flour
– 15g wheat starch
– 1 chinese sausage (laap chong)
– 3 shiitake mushrooms (soak to soften)
– 1 dried scallop (soak to soften)
– 5 dried prawns or some dried shrimps (soak to soften)
– 200ml unsalted chicken stock

what you do:
1. Dice Chinese sausage, dried scallop, shiitake mushrooms, dried prawns and sizzle in a pan, rest aside
2. Peel and slice radish in thick julienne, finely diced onion and sizzle in the pan, add rice wine, salt and chicken stock, let it simmer for about 10 minutes and let it cool
3. Mix dry content and slowly pour chicken stock after when it cools down (leaving out the radish) to mix well
4. Add Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms and dried prawns into mixture and mix well
5. Pour mixture into loaf pan and steam for about 60 minutes

p.s. check with the cake tester to see if it’s fully cooked and you can serve right a way after it’s steamed, just pour some soy sauce to serve! But most people like to slice and pan fry them during Chinese New Year! You can substitute onions with shallot, and use regular chicken stock for a more intense flavour.



份量剛好到loaf pan一半,切件煎香後厚度大小更適中。


材料:(1個20.3cm x 9.8cm x 6.3cm loaf pan份量)
-250g 白蘿蔔

-90g 粘米粉
-15g 澄麵
-3粒冬菇 (浸軟)
-200ml 無鹽雞湯

5.倒進loaf pan內然後蒸大約60分鐘

p.s. 以上做法和份量味道比較清淡,如果喜歡較濃味可以不用洋蔥使用乾蔥爆香,另外改用有鹽雞湯。

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