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Whenever I visit west of Toronto, I’ve always tried to fully scheduled the one day trip itinerary just so I make my visit worth.  Now when I’m heading west to Niagara for a one day outlet shopping or to the vineyard for a visit, or even hiking in Dundas Peak or in Tiffany Falls, I’m definitely going to stop by Hamilton on my way out for a relaxed party night.

Unlike Toronto, there isn’t much to do after dinner in the west but I’ve just found out a spa in Hamilton with party facility that actually operates Monday to Sunday until 10pm!

Over the weekend I had a day of shopping in the outlet and was extremely exhausted from shoveling in the previous week of Polar Vortex attack, I dropped by Aroma Day Spa, for a special relaxation treatment on my way out back to Toronto after dinner in the Queenston area in Hamilton.

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The spa is spacious and offer a relaxed ambience in the reception as you walk in, I was then greeted by the reception and offered a relaxing herbal tea,  I was recommended a relaxed massage with a hot stone add-on for the night.  While my husband waits and my daughter had her first manicure experience at a spa.  It was definitely a big surprise to her!

I’ve heard of this spa from a friend earlier and decided to try since I was in the area, and of course with a little research done on Google, I think I’ve got to meet Henny the masseuse and I was lucky enough that she was available that night as I just walked in for a treatment.

Here are all my other reviews on Google!

Behind the reception area is a corridor with numbers of individual treatment rooms to provide absolute privacy to the customers.  I was then lead to a bigger room that can accommodate 2 people, perhaps with a girlfriend or go as a couple, with private shower facility, 2 foot spa chairs and 2 massage beds.

Henny began the massage treatment from the foot, with 25 experience she said she would check out which areas of my body had the most tension and tiredness and put extra emphasis on it.  She worked her way up from my foot, then my back, my arms and to my head, and even my face, eyes and ears.  Every single part of the treatment was excellent and relaxed, but the most spectacular experience would be the belly detox massage.

The relaxed massage by Henny at Aroma Day Spa is a little bit different than the usual aromatherapy massage I’ve had from other spas.  Henny did a series of brush, knead, roll, press, and rub with emphasis on different massage points in the body, definitely recommended for people who likes massage with strength.

Another surprise I had on my way out was a party spa room with foot spa chairs and massage beds as well as shower facility that can accommodate a few girlfriends or families for a day spa.  It would certainly be great for bachelorette party or a mother and daughters spa date.

Perhaps next visit will have to take my little miss for her first spa experience together, or I wonder if they would actually offer kids’ spa birthday party?

Here are some of the hotel specials if you decided to stay overnight in Hamilton after the fun bachelorette party.




The spa is currently offering some Valentine’s day and soft opening special up to 20% off.



Manicurist did a fantastic job on the little finger nails.





經過一整天的購物和上週的惡劣大風雪,徒手鏟雪2天後都累垮了,既然吃完飯還有時間就不如到Aroma Day Spa試試一個舒緩按摩療程。

一走進Aroma Day Spa就覺得跟在多倫多大部分的spa不同,地方寬闊而且還有多間獨立房間提供更高privacy給顧客。其實早前已經從朋友口中聽說過有關這間spa,之前都在Google上做了搜查看見多個有關Henny按摩師的評價而慕名而來的,誰知那天在沒有預約的情況下而剛好Henny在,那當然就不如試一下她的手藝。

看看我其他的Google reviews!


Spa裡面的幾乎所有都是獨立房間,那天剛好我用的就是兩人房,適合情侶或者跟朋友一起做couple spa的房間。寬大的房間備有獨立淋浴間、2個足浴和2張按摩床。

期待已久的按摩療程中,Henny先從腳部開始到背部,手臂然後頭部和頸部以及臉部的眼和耳朵,而整個按摩療程中最有驚喜的就是腹部排毒按摩。Henny表示,擁有25年經驗可以從按摩得知客人身體狀況而著有關需要穴道按壓,改善健康。Henny按摩手法比起一般按摩師更有勁,感覺每一下都按中了我的終極疲累點。療程過後回到家剛好就是bed time,那天晚上當然是徹夜好眠!

臨離開spa的時候發現原來還有一間更大的party spa room,最適合開個單身派對bachelorette party或者mother and daughters spa約會。原來Aroma Day Spa在Hamilton的分店剛剛開幕,而且還有限定療程折扣優惠,可以趁這個機會於情人節試試couple spa room啊!




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