[living] Thanks for not supporting Amazon

It’s been such a tough year for everyone in 2020.

And it’s been a very hectic, busy year for me as well.

I haven’t had the time to update this blog for such a long time. But something came up lately, reminded me again why I had set this blog site up initially.

It has always been exciting to write, to share about my cooking and food hunting experience, as well as the simple lifestyle that I believe in.

We are all little people in the city trying to make some inspiration to one another.

It has been always too convenient to shop from any big retail giants who offer free quick shipping to your doorstep. And this is what kills small local businesses.

But I think we can always do something.

Instead of searching on Amazon why don’t we spare our time at home to explore what’s out there in our local neighbourhood?

Recently, a Toronto lady Ali Haberstroh compelled a list of local shops on a website called “Not Amazon” to promote local shopping. The website has a list of different business types for shoppers to search. Each category has a list of shops with their company’s name, direct link to their websites.

The wide categories range from books/home decor/home goods/food/ services and even lessons and many more.

This is a site that helps one way or the other. Shoppers are able to find shops as well as submitting a shop to the admin to be listed and found on the website.

This is definitely a truly sustainable, community-growing project that benefits everyone in the city where we live, where we love.

The website has now grown to other cities including Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver.

Check it out and help one another: https://www.not-amazon.ca/