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A clean way to marinate meats

|ziplog bags| the benefits of using ziplog bags to marinate your meat: – the best way to marinate the meat in and out thoroughly without having to physically touch it with your hands (this is particularly important to those who […]


How to debone chicken wings in 1 minute?

If you’re interested in my previous post about making the traditional stuffed chicken wings, check out my tutorial on how to debone chicken wings in just 1 minute!   有興趣在這個週末嘗試做糯米釀雞翼,不如看看我的1分鐘雞翼去骨視頻教學分享: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maFu-Zx7Ve8?ecver=1]


An alternative to chicken stock

Using highly concentrated organic chicken base, you can add any amount of water as you wish to dilute, it actually allows you to have more control over the flavour when you braise or slow cook the meat using Asian methods. […]