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Fresh mango milk 생망고우유

Have you tried making your own fresh strawberry milk with the recipe I shared last time?  Fresh fruit milk in Korea is currently a big hit in Korea now, and by using real ingredients these fresh fruit milk is actually […]


Jeju tangerine tea with ginger

| Jeju tangerine tea with ginger | Always eat what’s in the season for its best quality! Winter is the harvest time for tangerines, especially my favourite – sweet tangerines from Jeju island in Korea. Inspired by a kumquat tea […]


[cooking] Bistro lunch

I’m always so tempted to buy new kitchen toys whenever my new cooking idea comes up. There are just so much out there in the market like blenders, food processors, panini presser etc, but they all comes in only one […]


[主食] Pineapple on charcoal

My favourite way of eating pineapple is to grill pineapple skewers on charcoal other than dice it the ordinary way. This is the best way to enhance the taste and texture, flavour and sweetness of the summerlicious pineapple. 中文版