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  There are two ways of making macaron – Italian or French method.  The two methods both uses the same ingredients including egg whites, almond meal and confectionery sugar, the only difference is italian’s method would require to make a syrup and the procedure between the two methods also differ.  Some people suggested that italian […]

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Jeju tangerine tea with ginger

| Jeju tangerine tea with ginger | Always eat what’s in the season for its best quality! Winter is the harvest time for tangerines, especially my favourite – sweet tangerines from Jeju island in Korea. Inspired by a kumquat tea recipe I came across, I decided to improvise a tangerine tea recipe with this Jeju […]

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Nostalgic Hong Kong finger food – Bootjaigo (steamed brown sugar pudding with red beans)

|Nostalgic Hong Kong finger food – Bootjaigo (steamed brown sugar pudding with red beans)| This is the time of the year when you have to prepare pot luck events at work, at friend’s or just some holiday giveaways. Other than traditional sugar cookies or cupcakes, why not some nostalgic Hong Kong snacks? Bootjaigo has always […]

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[sweets] Natural French macarons

  most people love macarons for its rainbow colour, but i wanted to try something different recently. i call this my nature collection, with no food colour, extracts or any forms of flavour and using only the original ingredients to achieve the accent flavour of its own – vietnamnese coffee powder cà phê sữa nóng, […]

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[cooking] Japanese matcha truffles

Many people often find truffles are just too expensive, but actually you can make your own in just a few simple steps. This is a Japanese inspired method of truffles making, instead of the round ball shape, this comes in small squares. I find that this method is less messy and much easier to make. […]