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Seaside honey grapefruit juice

Finally I feel that summer is just around the corner, and wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a natural fruit drink by the water? Recently fruit juice served in the actual fruit has become more popular in Toronto, and often these drinks can cost you a meal. Making your own will only take you two […]

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Chilled slow cook duck wings

| Chilled slow cook duck wings | This is one of the very famous local finger food in Hong Kong, it can be served chilled or hot, depending on your preference. The best part is the soup that slow cooks the duck wings, don’t throw them away! Save the soup to stew abalone, sea cucumbers […]

Cooking, Savoury

[cooking] Bistro lunch

I’m always so tempted to buy new kitchen toys whenever my new cooking idea comes up. There are just so much out there in the market like blenders, food processors, panini presser etc, but they all comes in only one function, and end up your kitchen is piled up with machines that you may not […]